Essentials is a project by Marleen Boschen and Rebecca Kirkpatrick built within the context of the Mycological Twist garden. Started in the darkness and unwelcoming climate of winter essentials will be a self-managed resource of medicinal plants. Investigating tactics around dependency, refusal and self-reliance, what all chosen species have in common are pharmacological properties around decreasing sensitivity to stress and anxiety.

PART I - pre-treatment

after danger of frost has passed
they will creep around to form a dense patch
a cool damp position
and tolerate various types
when large enough to handle
barely cover with more soil

To mark the beginning of the life cycle you are warmly invited to the soft launch of 'essentials' on Friday, 22nd January 7-9pm at the Jupiter Woods garden.

Events surrounding growth, harvesting and ingestion of the plants will take place in the following months.

PART II - harvest the roots in five to seven years

PART III - they ate nothing but leaves